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Name: Betsy Schumann
Location (Neighborhood): Brewers Hill
Occupation: Registered Nurse

Apart What was your first electronic music experience and how old were you?
Betsy Hearing Oakenfold’s Tranceport on CD shortly after its’ ’98 release – I was 16 at the time and had likely heard some electronic music, but this is when I developed a serious interest.

Apart What’s your preferred genre(s) of EDM you like to listen to?
Betsy House, techno, drum and bass, some hardcore, and trance. There are only a few types of EDM that I actually dislike.

Apart Who are your top 3 DJs of all time?
Betsy Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Mark Farina.

Apart What’s one of your favorite tracks of all time?
Betsy Max Cooper’s “Stochastisch Serie”.

Apart If you’re not listening to electronic music, what are you listening to?
Betsy Jazz, classical, rock, metal, punk, some world music like French pop and certain types of Indian music (I love a good kirtan).

Apart What do you love about Milwaukee?
Betsy Do you have a few hours? Some of our amazing city’s most valuable endowments include the people, arts, entertainment, geography, and nature. While I’ll always want to travel and explore, Milwaukee is stupendous – I’m proud to call it home.

Apart Are there any specific Milwaukee or Wisconsin events/clubs that have stood out and made a memorable impression on you (past or present)?
Betsy Three and Mantra Lounge were both paramount to the Milwaukee electronic music scene. Currently, Studio 200 is where the majority of the best music, dancing, conversation, and camaraderie can be found.

Apart Tell us one of your guilty pleasures?
BetsyI use emoticons despite believing their use contributes to the deterioration of language :-$

Apart Any celebrity crushes?
Betsy Tom Hanks, since I was about seven. I know.

Apart Finish this sentence: Nobody would ever guess that I _________
Betsy Have been in a love-hate, on-off relationship with Yoga for fourteen years.