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Born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, an interest in electronic music seemed only natural for Gabriele Schwarz. As a talented singer and pianist from a young age, Gabriele built her career upon a foundation of music theory and diligent practice. Upon discovering Detroit’s underground techno scene, she found a pair of cheap turntables and taught herself to mix vinyl. Inspired by the minimalistic sounds of the city, Gabriele began playing at underground clubs in Detroit under her nickname and moniker, Gabi.

Her love for electronic music includes a wide array of genre and talent. With such a diverse range of musical interest, her sets can fluctuate anywhere from progressive to minimal, finding her niche in melodic tech-house with a deep feel. As a producer, her style captures what she brings to the club: Gabi’s music combines dark techno and dub elements with deep and ethereal melodies, creating a unique take on modern minimal techno that stays true to the soul of classic Detroit music. Her concept and talent for combining techno with deep house makes her stand apart from other artists.

Twitter Interview 04.12.15

Apart – What / where / who was your first experience of electronic music?
Gabi – When I first heard @jesseheartthrob play at Taste Fest 2006 in #Detroit I was hooked on #Techno!

Apart – Which artists had the greatest impact on your decision to pursue being a DJ? – Gabi @jennylafemme has been a mentor to me since I first started djing. She gave me my first Traktor box and my first gigs.

Apart – Describe ‘your sound’ in three words?
Gabi – #Dark #Sexy #Techno <3 Apart – What are your top favorite 3 clubs (or cities) that you have performed at?
Gabi – #TVLounge is my #favorite in #Detroit. I’m looking forward to #playing at @populux soon, a #new #club in #Detroit

Apart – What’s one place or club that you haven’t DJ’ed at yet, that you really want to?
Gabi – @berghain #Berlin and @rexclub #Paris would be fun!

Apart – Do you have any recent productions out you would like to mention? If so on what labels?
Gabi – I’m working on some new #music: Check out my @soundcloud for updates!

Apart – Can you #Youtube us one track that we can expect to hear you play in Milwaukee this coming Friday?
Gabi – I’ve been digging Stefan Z’s remix of “Pharao”

Apart – When your not listening to electronic music, what do you like to listen to?
Gabi – A lot of old school #rap and #hiphop, indie #rock, etc. Been listening to a lot of @outkast lately!

Apart – Whats your favorite thing about the Midwest?
Gabi – The Midwest loves to #dance, people here love to get down and have fun – it’s always a great #party!

Apart – Finish this sentence: Nobody would ever guess that I _________ #BeApart
Gabi – Have a hidden #tattoo of a #unicorn and have a pet #Python!

Apart – What insight or advice would you like to share w/ other women djs?
Gabi – Never forget that you’re a #badass and a total #babe for following your #passion!