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Name: Niki Fischer
Alias: Niki Kitz
Location (Neighborhood): Madison
Occupation: Manager at the Pipefitter (Madison’s classiest head shop)

Apart What was your first electronic music experience and how old were you?
Niki Kitz Hearing “Silver Screen Shower Scene” on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee for the first time. Shortly afterwards I bought Felix’s “Kittenz and thee Glitz” album on CD and listened to it on repeat… I think I was 14 or 15 at the time.

Apart What’s your preferred genre(s) of EDM you like to listen to?
Niki Kitz House, tech house, deep house & techno. House music will always have my heart but lately I’ve been seeking out that spacey, colorful, atmospheric techno.

Apart Who are your top 3 DJs of all time?
Niki Kitz This is a hard one… if I really have to pick only three I’d probably have to say Maya Jane Coles, Claude Von Stroke and Seth Troxler. These three have really amazed and inspired me each time I’ve seen them play for a number of years now.

Apart What’s one of your favorite tracks of all time?
Niki Kitz For Everything by Wild Culture… it reminds me of little squirrels and bunnies running through a field of flowers in house music heaven.

Apart If you’re not listening to electronic music, what are you listening to?
Niki Kitz Simon and Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and the rest of my mom’s old record collection which I was lucky enough to inherit.

Apart What do you love about Milwaukee?
Niki Kitz A.part events & the people that attend them, the consistency of quality EDM shows, Rochambo coffee house and the beach!

Apart Are there any specific Milwaukee or Wisconsin events/clubs that have stood out and made a memorable impression on you (past or present)?
Niki Kitz I’ve only been legally able to go to clubs in Milwaukee for about a year now, but the events that have seemed particularly special to me are Crave, Taste It, and Tribe.

Apart Tell us one of your guilty pleasures?
Niki Kitz Drinking pickle juice straight out of the jar

Apart Any celebrity crushes?
Niki Kitz Grimes

Apart Finish this sentence: Nobody would ever guess that I …
Niki Kitz Make neon & argon lights! Like those cheesy ones that are outside of bars and restaurants except not cheesy.