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Adam Scott Nelson a.k.a. SOMBIONX brings the Chicago House sound into the 21st century, informed by his formal music training, studio experience, and individual artistic vision.Adam moved to Chicago in early 1990 and happened upon an abandoned 1970’s disco in Chicago’s Logan Square as a living space. Soon after, Nelson opened the location as Q Studios.

Early in 1995 Sombionx had the luck of sharing his studio with Johnny Fiasco, who over the next 5 years would help influence the Sombionx sound from Rock to DNB to Chi-town House! Fiasco handed him his first remix project, “Try her for Love”, a DNB track Nelson whipped up for Chicago’s export diva/dj Colette. The track impressed Bad Boy Bill who snatched it up for Colette’s first Moody release. That same year Fiasco and Jon Lemmon of Viva! Recordings snatched up “Reptile”, the first collaboration between Sombionx & Lindsay . The track became hit on dancefloors around the world allowing them to perform live, globally for an ever growing list of promoters and venues.

Sombionx set out to carve his own nitch in the Chicago house scene and has since developed that style over many memorable house releases on a number of labels. As chart listings and reviews began to pour in from all over the globe Sombionx and the Q Studios team decided it was time to launch their own label. “Eye of the Storm”, the first release had Djs as diverse as Derrick Carter to Darren Emerson impressed.

Sombionx has produced hundreds of tracks, as well as leading sessions for clients such as George Clinton, treatments and effects for theatre and film sound design, and a lengthy list of hip-hop, house and drum and bass clients. His work has been released on Doubledown, Lowdown, Viva!/Extract, Q Studios, Moody and Jamayka. Upcoming releases as well on Nine, Mouthfull, Nu-Urban and Elektrik Bass.


Apart What was your very first DJ gig, and how old were you?
Sombionx If playing the soundtrack of grease on a sound design turntable and having basement dance parties counts I was 12. First legit House Dj gig I was 30 and it was residency @ Gaijin Hotel in Wicker Park.

Apart Which artists had the greatest impact on your decision to pursue being a DJ?
Sombionx Johnny Fiasco (@Johnnyfiasco) lured me away from dancy goth rock to making House while producing Lego’s “Flava in your Ear” @ Q Studios

Apart Describe ‘your sound’ in three words?
Sombionx Tech House …Music..thats 3

Apart What are your top favorite 3 clubs (or cities) that you have performed at?
Sombionx Istanbul , Lisbon and Seattle….always manage a good time and serious heads…close friends there helps a lot.

Apart What’s one place or club that you haven’t DJ’ed at yet, that you really want to?
Sombionx Never played London or Berlin…would love to give them a piece of my mind.

Apart When you are traveling, what are three items you absolutely can’t live without?
Sombionx $5 sunglasses that trump everyones and lots of socks

Apart Do you have any of your own productions out? If so on what labels?
Sombionx EP& Video with FFM + Sombionx EP both a couple years back have new stuff out in spring for both including videos on Q Studio

Apart Can you name one track that we can expect to hear this coming Friday in Milwaukee?
Sombionx Dropping a new Sombionx Track called “Who built this House” sure to hear some Stephan Noferini and Nicole Moudaber (@NicoleMoudaber).

Apart What is your favorite thing about Milwaukee?
Sombionx Good friends and family make Milwaukee great for me!

Apart Finish this sentence: Nobody would ever guess that I ________
Sombionx Can talk like Donald Duck

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