Spotlight: Chuck Daniels
Chuck Daniels has been an apex of the Detroit dance music scene for decades. Whether it’s been behind the decks or behind the scenes, he has had his hand in hundreds of parties since the late 80's. There are few clubs in Detroit he hasn’t played or hosted one of his famous Love The D or Sampled parties at. He's booked some of the greats over the years, including Green... [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Gabi
Born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, an interest in electronic music seemed only natural for Gabriele Schwarz. As a talented singer and pianist from a young age, Gabriele built her career upon a foundation of music theory and diligent practice. Upon discovering Detroit’s underground techno scene, he found a pair of cheap turntables and.. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Claude Vonstroke
Claude VonStroke does not scowl and look mean while he DJs. He does not pretend to know everything and he will be nice to you and your friends. He is grateful to be doing music for a living and he knows that the reason people go to parties is to have fun. If you want to act cool and not have any fun then please do not book him. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Paul Anthony
With his origins from the Chicago's wharehouse scene, we bring you Paul Anthony. This Chicago house OG has been hard at work. Being supported from some of the largest names in the indistry, Paul has left his signature sound all around this world. Originaly making his mark as a disco house producer, Paul Had explored many different genres in his career.. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Ardalan
Range, appeal and a massive dose of nasty, gritty bass are the three chief weapons every Dirtybird artist has in his quiver, but Ardalan seems to be the peak culmination of all those assets in one wieldy point. This young archer has had the incomprehensible luck to fall into crew with his idols, be reared by their best and given some of their most guarded musical secrets.. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Justin Martin
As the late Oscar Wilde once said: “life is too important to be taken seriously”, an ethos that Justin Martin is sticking with despite achieving soaring success over the last six years as a producer and international DJ. Justin initially pricked the ears of the electronic music community in 2003 with his first record ‘The Sad Piano’ on Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly label.. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Ted Krisko
Ted Krisko’s life is a reflection of his passion for music culture. He has spent over 20 years on stage as a performer at clubs, concert halls and festivals. As a musical jack of all trades, Krisko has lent his talents on guitar, bass, drums, & keys to a multitude bands throughout his life, before channeling his energies towards dance music. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Calculon
Following up from Calculon's breakthrough single with Pawn and Christina Tamayo on LA's SMOG Records, 2013 was a big year for the California native. His debut EP was released in January on Loose Squares, the standout label from Chicago, and has garnered heavy DJ support from scene leaders such as Om Unit, Chrissy Murderbot, Fracture, Mark Pritchard, Sinistarr, Stunna, Shiftee, R.A.W. and more. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Sinistarr
Sinistarr has cemented himself as a major name in international Drum and Bass. Sinistarr’s distinct sound reflects the musical landscape of his hometown Detroit, Michigan, combining the sounds of Detroit Techno, House and Detroit Electro into his own blend of Drum and Bass, citing main influences such as Aux 88, Drexciya, Derrick May, and Aril Brikha, among many others. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Danny The Wildchild
Danny the Wildchild aka Daniel Garcia was born on the South side of Chicago in 1977. The brother of a once aspiring DJ, he keenly watched and quickly learned the tricks of the trade. Danny began djing at age nine soon surpassing his brother's abilities and eventually inherited his equipment and records. At twelve, Danny entered a Chicago area contest for young DJ's and won. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Brian Gardner & Brenda D
Most people look one in the eye to try to sum up a person’s soul or read emotions. To read Brian, you would be wiser to listen to one of his sets. Brian’s range of emotional expression is wide and deep and his sets reflect what he is feeling at that moment. Whether his set is comprised of the jazzy, soulful grooves of content and harmony, or the hard hitting intensity and angst of industrial techno... [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: DJ Lego
Growing up in Chicago’s Humboldt Park and Logan Square communities, Rafael “Légo” Rodriguez dedicated himself to a career in music at a very early age. He landed himself a DJ residency at the well-known Chicago nightclub “Kaboom” by the age of 19. His notoriety and growing fan base in 1992 led to a now 17 year residency at Chicago’s Legendary “Boom Boom Room”, the longest running club night of any kind. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Projekt 5 Year Reunion
For those newer to the underground dance scene in Milwaukee, Projekt may sound familiar, perhaps rolled off the tongue time to time by some of the older scenesters and dance music types around town. To those who've been dancing in Milwaukee for some time however, Projekt is synonymous with a hometown brand that influenced the music scene in the latter part of the first millenial decade. You all know them as Dela, Fortune, Screendoor, and Sir Fice. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Alinka
ALINKA , a.k.a., Alena Ratner, began her relationship with music in Kiev, Ukraine, where she was born and raised until the age of eight. She began studying piano and singing when she was four, and continued her musical studies throughout her childhood. In 1988, Alena’s family moved to Chicago, which eventually led her to the most significant musical influence on her life—the underground dance tracks that were being played on Chicago’s radio waves in the 1990s. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Jevon Jackson
After starting to DJ at the tender age of 12 years old, Jevon Jackson became a firm believer and proponent of “the art of the DJ”. With his professional career starting in 1990, he soon got his first residency at the now legendary Red Dog nightclub. His career soon sky-rocketed with subsequent residencies at several well-known Chicago clubs such as Shelter, Voyeur, Smart Bar, Crobar, Zentra, Betty’s Blue Star Lounge, Liquid Kitty, Le Passage, Super Lounge as well as stints at .. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Nate Manic
Nate Manic’s presence on the Midwest dance scene can be described as nothing less than ubiquitous, with hundreds of appearances at the region’s best venues and events over a career spanning 10+ years. Always setting high goals and looking to the future, he continues to be a respected member of Chicago and the Midwest’s history with significant contributions to it’s dance community. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Luke Hess
Born in 1980 in Metro Detroit and subject to the city’s mid-90′s warehouse parties, Luke Hess has harnessed a deep appreciation for electronic music and the expression of the underground movement. His background in mathematics and engineering has given him a scientific approach to the dance-floor, using frequencies, tones, and soundscapes to transform surroundings and mood. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: DJ Dan
DJ Dan has been synonymous with the American dance music industry for over two decades as a record collector, house innovator and true legend of the scene. However, his music bandwidth stretches much further; representing the spirit of 70’s disco and 80’s/90’s house with contemporary flair that makes him like no other artist on the scene. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: DJ Dara
A member of the infamous Planet of the Drums crew alongside fellow drum ‘n bass pioneers AK1200, Dieselboy, & J Messinian, this Irish transplant has been a dominant figure in the U.S. drum ‘n bass scene since his arrival here in 1994. His discography includes 2 critically acclaimed full length artist albums, 8 DJ mix CDs, as well as numerous singles and remixes for artists.. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: John Lagora
John Lagora was born in Oberhausen, Germany. His love for music started at the early age of 12 while he was listening to the early 90s Essential Mixes broadcasted by the British radio station Bfbs. Very early it got pretty clear that his passion meant more than just listening to music and so he started to look for possibilities to produce electronic music and to learn how to Dj. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: DJ Heather
In the past few years the Chicago house community has produced a number of innovative and distinct djs trained in the art of transforming tranquil dance floors into spaces of sheer bedlam and bliss. Their committed vision of undiluted musical appreciation, interactive communication, improvisation and basic integrity has brought greater attention to all the city’s great djs including the genre busting DJ Heather. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Colette
Hers is a dedication that has driven Colette’s career for more than 15 years and counting. Never one to chase perpetually fleeting trends of dance music, her love and devotion to the authentic house sound of hometown Chicago has never flagged, and generations of diehard fans never fail to appreciate it. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Gareth Whitehead
Head of Bulletdodge Records, Gareth Whitehead is a vastly experienced producer, remixer, DJ and artist that has established his own signature brand of deep and dubby tech-house and minimal. His tracks are defined by a crisp, clean production style that highlights his engineering background... [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Karl Almaria
From identifying a Bob James song in an elevator, performing an air guitar riff to a Led Zeppelin song, singing along with the latest Auto Zone TV commercial, to dropping the latest Underground House cut, Karl Almaria is all about enjoying music. Karl loves a wide range of music, but living in Chicago.. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Wally Callerio
Originally hailing from Boston, Wally Callerio (a.k.a. Poncho Warwick) made his way to the sandy beaches of Orange County as a young child and hasnʼt looked back since. An avid music lover as a young child, the transition to djʼing was a natural progression. “I donʼt really know why I got into djʼing” Callerio says..[more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Gene Farris
Being a leader in the industry, Gene Farris started his own label, `Farris Wheel Recordings, Inc., in 1998 with ‘The Copa Cabana EP.’ Among the label’s many loved EPs is FWR 008 that includes a DJ Sneak remix of Farris’ `The Spirit.’ As the catalog grows, Farris Wheel Recordings, Inc. continues to prosper and gain respectability within the industry. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: DJ Homewrecker
Tom Feiza has been turning heads with his brand of electronica since the mid 1990’s. Whether he’s doubling up basslines or startling audiences with unexpected acapellas, Feiza’s music bumps with quirky funk just as much as it surprises its dance floor-friendly audiences. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Carla Starla
I get the opportunity to take my listeners on a sacred journey. healing through sound & dance is my purest intention. My lyrics are inspiring, my beats are soulful, steady, consistent, sometimes very deep. As I move the energy into a higher vibratory experience this allows the audience to feel free and uplifted. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Tinhead
Tinhead is a DJ and producer from Madison, WI. With a sound influenced by the techno and house music of Midwest raves in the 1990s, Tinhead plays a unique blend of techno, house, and dub music. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: DJ Hyperactive
Chicago original and skilled DJ since the late 80s, Hyperactive has pushed an evolving sound across the borders of house and techno and has nearly 2 decades of smashing releases to his name on a host of influential labels such as Contact, Drop Bass, Communique’, Missile, Hybrid, Smile, Analog.. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Mörk
Formerly of the house music duo The Sound Republic, Chicago’s John Mörk has found his way back to electronic music through some strange twists and turns. Currently riding a wave of newfound inspiration, he has embraced his synthier influences and is steadily working in the studio to explore them. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Sombionx
Adam Scott Nelson a.k.a. SOMBIONX brings the Chicago House sound into the 21st century, informed by his formal music training, studio experience, and individual artistic vision.Adam moved to Chicago in early 1990 and happened upon an abandoned 1970’s disco in Chicago’s Logan Square as a living space.. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: DJ Slugo
DJ Slugo, born Thomas Kendricks, is one of the founding fathers of the musical style known as Ghetto House/Juke Music. He has been beating the box for over 20 years and still continues to rock parties today. His musical journey began on the streets of Chicago where ghetto life resonated in every beat he made..[more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: NHB
NHB (Not Hard Beatz) has been one of best revelation in 2010 minimal and techno’s scene, with its particular a innovative sound, really hardly to place. NHB’s philosophy has always been linked with the use of real synthesizers and drums machines, blending an underground background with a more soft... [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: J-Dub
For nearly a decade, J-Dub has been traveling North America and Europe laying down his own unique brand of new-school house with a hypnotic, versatile and irresistible sound that both the dance floor massive and hardcore heads can vibe to. With a combination of seamless cut and paste blends.. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Lady D
DJ Lady D has played nationally and internationally since 1995. Her appeal is diverse; she performs versatile sets of house, techno and disco for fan-filled and celebrity events in North America, Europe, Asia and Russia. Her now classic CD, “Naked Kaleidoscope”, put her on the map in addition.. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Jason Patrick
Originally from Detroit, and currently based in Chicago, Jason currently runs the label Klectik Recordings. Timeout Chicago has referred to him as one of the most technical techno dj’s in Chicago. Patrick has established himself as one of the top dj’s in Chicago where he is regularly ... [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Jessi Phillippe
J Phlip (pronounced J Flip) known to some as Jessica Phillipe discovered house music in her hometown of Champaign, Illinois, just 2 hours south of Chicago. Sometime around her 19th birthday she got her first DJ rig – two belt drive turntables and a mixer lacking EQ knobs for $100 bucks! [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Dela
Having been intrinsic in EDM culture since the early-nineties Dela’s deep-rooted passion for music has always been in constant forward-motion. Early appreciations for the sounds and influences of Detroit, Chicago, and Berlin have paved a way for a continual focus on innovation and musical progression. [more info + mix + interview]
Spotlight: Andrew Emil
As an artist Andrew has been changing the face of house music for over a decade. His releases on some of house music most elite and diverse labels including OM Records, Seasons, four play music, Farris Wheel, Gallery Music Group, Look At You, Alphabet, .dotbleep + many more! [more info + mix + interview]