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Name: Theresa Whiting
Alias: T-Dizzle Dubz
Location: Wilson Park
Occupation: Registered Nurse
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Apart What was your first electronic music experience and how old were you?
Theresa It’s hard to pinpoint but I was a late bloomer…my friend and I happened upon Dish one night, I was probably around 26 I think.

Apart What genre(s) of EDM do you prefer to listen to?
Theresa House

Apart Who are your top 3 DJs of all time?
Theresa Mark Farina, Hernan Cattaneo, Green Velvet

Apart What’s one of your favorite tracks of all time?
Theresa Green Velvet ‘La La Land’

Apart If you’re not listening to electronic music, what are you listening to?
Theresa I love the 80’s!

Apart What do you love about Milwaukee?
Theresa It’s jam packed with awesome people, fun things to do, and fabulous restaurants

Apart Are there any specific Milwaukee or Wisconsin events/clubs that have stood out and made a memorable impression on you (past or present)?
Theresa THREE!

Apart Tell us one of your guilty pleasures?
Theresa There are quite a few, but I’ve been a fan of the Young and the Restless for 20-ish years

Apart Any celebrity crushes?
Theresa Channing Tatum is nice….

Apart Finish this sentence: “Nobody would ever guess that I …”
Theresa “am a lyrics freak”

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