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Name: Bryan Ward
Alias: VJ Brye
Location: Downtown
Occupation: Video Jockey
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Apart What was your first electronic music experience?  
VJ Brye The earliest electronic goes all the way back to Ministry with The Mind I A Terrible Thing To Taste (if that even qualifies!) in like ’91 during my metalhead years. I remember dipping out of house parties blaring metal for a few minutes to hear a couple tracks full blast in my ride. Oo and there was that mixtape with Electroset and Opus III and like tracks that was in heavy rotation. If we’re talking events, Drop Bass’s “One” was my first rave and showed me a whole new culture and attitude towards music and partying. I was hooked, but it took some time to figure out this whole electronic music puzzle…

Apart What was the very first show you ever VJ’d at and how old were you?  
VJ Brye The first “official” show was “Extreme Sensory Overload” at Thai Joes  back on July 18th ’03 (it hasn’t been 10 years yet?!?) put together by deejayjames and Moana Lisa alongside the likes of TJ Richter and his Mind Plasma madness. I was 28, and even though it was a small event, I was all nerves. Before that night I did a house party with an overhead projector, an LCD overhead display panel, and some loops on vcr. People were floored, but I think it was the mushroom tea going around…

Apart Who / What inspired you to become a VJ?  
VJ Brye Eye candy! I was all about eye candy and intelligent club lighting (I studied the rig at Metropolis!), but intelligent lighting was extremely expensive in those days… Somehow I figured out it was easier to get into visuals even though live video mixing of projected PC video was still somewhat in it’s infancy.

Apart What genre(s) of electronic music do you prefer to listen to?  
VJ Brye I’ve always been into the dark heavy, even evil music… I’ll blame my metal roots from my teenage years. That puts me in the jungle/DNB & techno camps, and I even like ~some~ dubstep. But this is a tough question as most of my music exposure has been trough the nights I run video or go out; I historically haven’t been a big explorer of music on my own… but that’s changing a little. In the day to day I love the downtempo dubby lounge stuff, and that would be my first choice if I pursued anything musically.

Apart If you’re not listening to electronic music, what are you listening to?
VJ Brye NPR, Wendy Williams, and Judge Judy.

Apart What do you love about Milwaukee?  
VJ Brye I love living downtown Milwaukee. I’m definitely an urban kid and I have to be close to the life, the heartbeat of a city, especially one as small & cozy as this town is. 

ApartAre there any specific Milwaukee or Wisconsin events/clubs that have stood out and made a memorable impression on you (past or present)?  
VJ Brye Milwaukee clubs and their influences lay out like chapters in my personal EDM evolution: Metropolis for the retina tickling eye candy and Globe east for its Tuesday night underground shens; Dish for the example of truly incredible underground vibes and artists; Mantra Lounge of course for its family feel and quality off the hook EDM nights; and Three, again for family plus that place was a coming of age experimenting ground for me. How could I choose just one!?

Apart Tell us one of your guilty pleasures?
VJ Brye Divulging such things could ruin my future political career… but on a PG-13 level I am addicted to vodka redbull.

Apart What’s one super power you wish to possess?  
VJ Brye A wireless video feed directly from my brain. Now that would be some twisted visual!

Apart Finish this sentence: Nobody would ever guess that I ______
VJ Brye “A: Use to repair sewing machines. B: wear boxer briefs made of space age synthetic materials. C: was into Prince before it was cool. D: am not native american.”

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