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As an artist Andrew has been changing the face of house music for over a decade. His releases on some of house music most elite and diverse labels (OM Records, Seasons, four play music, Farris Wheel, Gallery Music Group, Look At You, Alphabet, .dotbleep, Smooth Agent, Kompute, Roam Recordings, Industry Recordings, Panhandle, Cafe Del Mar Music) have sculpted a sound that clearly defines his frame of reference and at the same time outlines a cadence to his eclectic taste in Chicago House Music.

He is currently one of Chicago’s most preeminent producer/DJs. Having multiple productions on many top 100 charts, a notable discography, extensive DJ resume, as well as sustaining support from prominent house music icons, Andrew proves that he is an artist in a unique class.

In 2012, Andrew will be continuing his Broadway & Wilson (w/Jeff Bloom) moniker, including a new live band project with J-Dub, producing a full-length album of many of his musical influences as Change Request (for Seasons Recordings, Los Angeles), as well as creating new magic with Chicago House Legend: Chez Damier.


Apart What was your very first DJ gig, and how old were you?
Andrew Emil I’d say my first “real” gig was when I was in high school when I was 15. It was at a party when house music was still “gay”

Apart Which artists had the greatest impact on your decision to pursue being a DJ?
Andrew Emil Terrence Parker, Laurent Garner, Cajmere, Joe Strummer, D-Train, Chez Damier, Derrick L Carter, Glenn Underground, Francois K

Apart Describe ‘your sound’ in three words?
Andrew Emil In three words: CHICAGO HOUSE MUSIC ! In six words: All Encompassing Bumpy Shit Sandwich !

Apart What are your top favorite 3 clubs (or cities) that you have performed at?
Andrew Emil Favorite Cities: Chicago, San Francisco, Mexico City, and The Quad Cites, IL

Apart Whats one place or club that you haven’t DJed at yet that you really want to?
Andrew Emil Panarama Bar, Berlin : Sanky’s Soap, Manchester : Le Rex, Paris

Apart When you are traveling, what are three items you absolutely can’t live without?
Andrew Emil Usually, Sanity is good, possibly Hygiene, and a Little Cunning Wittyness

Apart Do you have any of your own productions out? If so on what labels?
Andrew Emil too many to name, recent stuff: 2 New Ep’s #fourplaymusic FPM.007 and FPM.009, Sampled Detroit, Classic, Greak Lakes Audio.. for full discog check

Apart Can you leave us w/ the name of a track that’ll be played at #TasteIt this Friday?
Andrew Emil S&S Records: Fast Eddie – I Believe (Andrew Emil’s Vox Dub) :: Classic Music: BMFMB (Broadway & Wilson Mix)

Apart What is your favorite thing about Milwaukee?
Andrew Emil Friday Night Fish Fry’s!

Apart Finish this sentence: Nobody would ever guess that I _________
Andrew Emil have four names.

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